Okay, so I’m going to stop you right there. 

The poll came about because when we originally were going to start posting the AUs, we discovered that both of us, night and neon, have our own favorite AU. We couldn’t decide which one to post.

So I came up with the idea to toss the story names at our loyal readers and let them decide. This way, the choosing of the new story is fair to everyone, including us. I thought it would be a fun way to get everyone involved in the process. This way, we don’t have one story, say Brothers Found, dominating so that the people looking forward to Brothers Adopted have to wait a year to get their story.

It’s nice to get all this feedback and see the hate my great idea is getting.

We will either do the blind poll like I want to do, or I’ll go back to choosing the stories myself. Those are the only two choices. As one person once said to me, we’re giving you free, quality content either way, and it would be nice to see some appreciation to the work I put into this.

From Neon:

Just to clear something up about “the point of the poll,” since that’s gotten some questions before. It’s meant to be a fun way to sort of randomize which of the ready stories gets posted, since, as night mentioned, there could be favoritism edging certain AUs out without them getting a chance. It is not a tool to definitively decide which AU is the most popular.

Gotta give ‘em all a chance! The poll is harmless fun and, regardless, you’re getting 3 updates a week! We put a lot of work into this stuff. We’re not paid enough to get heckled this much about our methods of content delivery.

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