I actually used to try and keep a running word count of the chapters we’d write, but I since had to give up on it because we just have too many chapters to keep up with. Add that to the fact that every time we edit a chapter, the word count changes so I had to flop and give up. Tooooo much.

Luckily, as for what we’ve already got posted, Archive of Our Own is a wonderful website to post your stories. It keeps a running count of everything you post! So I know how much I have posted between all my different stories, and once chapters are posted it gets added to the total.

Current word count of all things posted: 


That is just some crazy number of words, and I wouldn’t be surprised if what we have saved and waiting to be edited can come close to rivaling it. The horror story is our longest story we’ve written (which is why it takes so damn long to finish editing), and is at least 220k words by itself, based on my last count before I gave up.

If you’re ever curious about what the current word count of posted things is, drop me a line and I’ll dig up the number!

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