Oh man, gotta go way back in my memory.

I’ve always loved stories with borrowers in them / tiny people / slightly terrified of shrinking myself. I’d make up stories to go with most shows I watched, sometimes adding in my own characters, sometimes keeping with the characters on the show itself.

I did write a different g/t story way back when I was in college (lol, way back now I feel old for using that in a sentence), but it didn’t end up panning out. (One of the characters was based on a close friend who betrayed me hence story over)

After college, I had years of working in retail where all my energy for anything creative was drained. I couldn’t even make my lovely fractals that I miss so much now. Then, I got a better job (my current job). Quitting retail and moving on gave me a spike of energy and creativity that just hit me. At the same time, I started to watch Supernatural and fell in love with it. Everything. The story, the brothers, all the monsters and how off the wall they could get with their storytelling style. The actors are lovely people and I’ve met them all in person. It was just natural to combine all of this and give in to my urge to write.

I’ll never regret putting my pen to the paper and bringing this to life.

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