Tiny has the unfortunate (or fortunate) timing of being on a giant’s stomach when they start laughing


Wouldn’t it be cute if a tiny was just sitting on a giants tum while they tell them a joke, it’s not even that good but all of the sudden the giant bursts out into a huge rumbling belly laugh!

The tiny thinks it feels like some sort of seismic quake as they bounce up suddenly, letting out a little yelp of shock- but after a bit it becomes quite fun, like a bouncy castle and soon they’re both laughing even more!

( I can’t resist putting this out there since we’ve got this exact tumbly scenario in a future story :3)

Dean leaned back against the pillow and dropped Jacob down on his chest so they could watch TV together. The warm light of the television soon bathed the room in a familiar light.

Jacob was winded as he landed, dazed. Of course, he still wasn’t used to how quickly Dean moved at all, so he could hardly register the few seconds between being scooped up again and falling with a gasp from Dean’s hand.

The surface he landed on rose and fell, and there was a familiar pulse thudding away beneath him. Jacob pushed himself up to hands and knees abruptly, staring down in befuddlement at the black fabric of the t-shirt Dean had donned just minutes before. Jacob could feel minor muscle twitches as the chest rhythmically shifted to accommodate lungs that emptied and filled themselves over and over.

“What the hell,” he muttered, completely nonplussed as he tried to at least move himself to a seated position. But the slope and the unfamiliar terrain combined so that Jacob leaned to the side and lost his balance, falling over once again. The TV was ignored as he frowned and made another attempt.

Dean was distracted from the TV as well the moment he felt Jacob tumble down his chest. A smile started to form on his face at the sight of how off-balance the kid was. He chuckled. “You’re like one of those weeble wobbles they used to sell when I was little.” The sight of Jacob tumbling more made him laugh even harder. “Man, I wish I knew about this last night. I could have used a good laugh.”

Jacob felt like he was on a trampoline, with someone else jumping. The surface underneath him now shook up and down a lot faster, causing him to tumble this way and that, or land in a heap only to have the ground disappear again. He couldn’t focus on one thing before he was shaken again and facing something else, so it was little surprise that his scowl could never be aimed at Dean directly.

He was winded with one particular tumble, and it dazed him enough to roll a few inches before he could stop himself. He managed to get a grasp on the fabric of Dean’s shirt, despite the movement all around, and the noise that drowned out everything else. He lost his grip with one hand and scrambled to regain it before the other hand slipped, too.

Jacob wasn’t quick enough. He slipped farther until he was on a softer surface. Dean’s belly shook even more and left him even dizzier. “F-f-fuck y-you,” he managed to stutter out in retort, his arms still flailing for purchase on the shirt to try and halt some of the tumbling.

Dean snorted in response. “You should see your face!” He couldn’t stop the laughter, unavoidably shaking the surface that Jacob was trying to sit up on. Dean had to brush tears from his eyes, muffled chortles still escaping him. “Man, I haven’t laughed like that since I was a kid.”

Taking slight pity on the kid, he pinched Jacob’s hoodie in an attempt to haul him to his feet. With the way Dean’s belly wouldn’t stop shaking from suppressed laughter, it didn’t do either of them much good, but he did manage to catch Jacob’s balance with two fingers and prop him slightly up. “Who needs TV while there’s live entertainment right here?”

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