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Good news! Sam and Dean are in all of my stories.

But seriously. We do what we do here for fun and enjoyment. Writing is a good way to relieve stress after a long day of work, and I have to tell you that writing any stories that are episode centric are incredibly stressful and will slow down my writing pace to a crawl.

I’m already having issues with writer’s block, that wouldn’t help me (or you, if you want to read my stories).

Now, as stated before, Brothers Apart is and will remain solely about the brothers. That does not mean that we will not have other characters appearing. Jacob and Bowman will be in the series again, in one of the stories we’ve built up the most anticipation for! We can’t wait to start writing it! Other characters will appear as well, including some of my other babies, like Elenia, Noonia, Barry and Xander.

Even Supernatural has recurring characters that are invited back onto the show.

For a bit of extra information, Celeste has always been a part of Brothers Apart from the beginning. She’s in the first story, and she will be in the last one. She is their Big Bad, the monster that keeps coming back. Will she live forever? Only the future will tell. But just keep in mind – I love and adore Supernatural, but I am not a writer for the show. You will always have my characters and neon’s characters appearing in the stories, and who knows. There might even be others that show up in the future.

BA has taken on a life of its own and no longer follows either an adapted canon storyline or a sprite divergence (aside from them appearing in a few monster-of-the-week style cases, do expect to see both versions of sprites back down the line).

Writing is an art and putting shackles on it that say you can only write this story this way is the absolute best way to end up with no story.

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