I’m so glad you like her!

She came up when we were originally spitballing ideas for BC, the young daughter of Sam and Dean’s adopted family. In the actual story, she’s 18 years old, and 3.3 inches tall (the equivalent of 5′3″ for our style borrower/little).

Even next to her older brothers, she’s very petite! But don’t let her innocent looks deceive you– She grew up with those two older brothers, and is more of a tomboy than she looks. She is ready to fight!

Moira pushed the block of wood out of her way. “Dean! Sam!” she said, glancing around the dark interior of their home. It was more spartan than her room. No decorative wall hangings covered the smooth wood interior, and they’d put down no rugs. The only dash of color came from Sam’s papers hanging on the walls, and with a grin, Moira took one down.

“What’s this, Sam?” she called out gamely, reading an entry that was scratched out in aggravation. “Dean, dumping water over your head again? ” She shook her head. “He never gives up.”

With the continued absence of a reply, she began to wonder if they were even close by. Perhaps they were around the flat, spying on the humans or getting food. Eager to track them down, she replaced the paper on the walls.

“You should come out,” she sang happily as she hitched up her satchel and pulled the block back in place in front of their home to set out and search. “Mother packed some treats! I know Dean wouldn’t want me to eat all his cake…”

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