Unthinking Actions


AU: Brothers Together

Timeline: Within the first month of Sam’s curse


Sam threw out his arms, but he was too late to catch his balance after the table shook.

John and Bobby didn’t notice, too caught up in their argument about chasing down the witch again, and the tiny ten year old tipped backwards from the table, his footing lost.

The freefall only lasted seconds.

Dean shouted in surprise, the powerful sound echoing around Sam’s delicate ears. The teenager launched himself, hitting the ground and sliding under Sam’s falling body to catch him between two gentle hands.

Sam hit the plush ground with an uff, and he rolled to his stomach, briefly freezing up as the hands closed around him.

This only lasted the moments it took Dean to stand back up, cradling his little brother like he was the most precious gem in the world and glaring at Bobby and John, who’d stopped their argument the moment Dean had thrown himself into the air.

“We’re going out,” Dean announced angrily, stalking from the room with his little brother and ignoring the protests behind him.

One word prompts open for all three admins! Just drop us a word and a character!

Send some in for us to work on over the holiday break!

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