Sneak Peek of Garlic and Cold Spots!

Near a forgettable motel in Breckenridge, Colorado, people are dying. Crushed beneath furniture and falling cars, the stories form a clear circle around the Knights Inn. Now Dean and his two tiny brothers, Sam and Jacob, are on their way to unravel the case and help all the motels’ residents– down to the very smallest.

‘You two are free to leave the bag?’ Did he really just …?

That was the last thing Oscar expected to hear, and so he kept watching curiously from his hiding place under the dresser. He had been scoping out the room for supplies and food, as was his usual. It was some ungodly hour of the night, so he really hadn’t expected someone to check in.

He’d barely made it to the floor in time from the top of the dresser when he heard a car pull up. The lock was turning with a metallic scraping that seemed so much louder in his frantic ears. Human! The dangerous word barked in his head. Oscar barely dragged his safety pin grappling hook under the dresser in time for the lights to switch on.

He had been about to breathe a sigh of relief, but his nerves amped up a few more steps when a loud crash filled the room. Oscar had peeked out to see what it was in time for the human to set down a second bag much more carefully than the first. The first duffel had sounded like it might be full of a bunch of spare parts, while the other looked like it held clothes.

Oscar couldn’t help but think things were completely backwards. The clothes bag could be tossed down without a care, but the other one was just obnoxiously loud.

And then of course came ‘You two are free to leave the bag,’ after moving a shirt away. Oscar frowned at the scene. He felt a sinking in his stomach that turned into plain fear when he saw two people, people his size climbing out of the clothes bag and onto the bed. He ducked back under the dresser, making sure he was in the shadows and out of sight.

His heart was pounding a frantic beat. Oscar’s entrance to the walls was nowhere near the dresser. He’d aimed to just wait until the human crashed into bed, and he could just avoid the room until he left. He could still do that, but now Oscar had the knowledge that two poor souls were captured by that human.

From the sounds of things, they were trained. They’d needed permission to get out of the duffel bag. That they were carried around in a bag like that in the first place put a sick feeling in Oscar’s stomach. What if they’d been jostled around? What if they fell out? Would the human care?

He definitely needed them all to go to sleep so he could get out of here before he joined those poor captives.

Garlic and Cold Spots arrives 2/9/17 at 9pm!

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