Sneak peek of The Study of the Four

Saving people, solving crimes
The flatmate business

Over a decade ago, a serious of unfortunate events led to the Winchesters, at only a few inches in height, being forcibly relocated to London. Now, they’ve adjusted to their size and found a new home to live in that just happens to be the same residence of a certain detective and his blogger…

by @nightmares06 and @borrowedtimeandspace

It was on cases like this that Sherlock made use of every waking moment. In his mind palace, he could go back and scrutinize everything he knew, everything he learned that day, for anything he might have missed. This would continue deep into the wee hours of the morning until his body gave in and he slept for a few short hours.

He awoke scowling at the ceiling and, after reviewing the major points of the case once more in his head, stumbled out of bed in search of coffee. He had no sense of what time it was, only that he needed to get to work immediately. After coffee.

While he waited for the brew, he glanced at the kitchen table. It was covered in the discarded clippings, as well as yesterday’s paper, left open to the newest story on the case. He rolled his eyes as he remembered reading that particular article: no new details, just a bundle of sentiment displayed for the victims. Sherlock understood that deaths were tragic, but he argued that if they were going to talk about it, they could at least bring up something useful. John had given him quite the disdainful look for that suggestion, and evidently kept the article around anyway.

He blinked when he noticed something was off. A pen lay across the paper, one he was certain hadn’t been there the night before. He leaned in closer to find a small phrase circled within the article he’d so easily brushed off.

next of kin

His brow knit as he considered the inexplicably highlighted words. Had John done that? Sherlock had found lately that whenever he got stuck on a case, he’d eventually find some overlooked detail underlined or circled. If it was John, why didn’t he just come forward and say it?

The Study of the Four begins Wednesday, March 8th at 9pm!

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