This will be coming for sure in at least one AU! In Brothers Unexpected, Oscar is found by Dean and is heading for an unsettling confrontation with Dean’s father, whether he wants to or not!

Pushing past Dean, John dug under the pillow on the teen’s bed and looked slightly mollified to find the colt hidden away. “Guess there’s hope for you yet,” he muttered as he held out the gun. When Dean didn’t reach for it, John paused, his eyes falling to Dean’s hands. Which were obviously hiding something.

“What’s in your hands, boy?”

In Dean’s hands, Oscar shook. He hadn’t even had time to yelp in surprise when Dean swiftly picked him up, and the sight of a new human in their midst locked his voice up. When he’d asked Dean if he could stay, he hadn’t even thought this far ahead. He hadn’t thought about what he’d do when another human shoved his way into the mix.

That voice, after weeks of Dean’s quiet, felt like it shook the air. Even Dean’s teachers and classmates didn’t command as much attention as his father did. Oscar remembered hearing tall humans like that from his haven in the walls.

They always scared him when they yelled, even if it was only over a sports game.

Now, at least, he had someone on his side to look out for him. Still, even with the cave-like protection of Dean’s cupped hands around him, Oscar’s timid nature took priority.

He took a chance to lean to the side, and peek between two of Dean’s fingers. The sight almost froze him. Dean’s father was tall, and his face even more enigmatic and world-worn than Dean’s. He was stern, frustrated even. Oscar ducked away with the knowledge that the human had to have seen him.

Left with no other options, Oscar curled into himself, hugging his legs close and hiding his face. Don’t hurt me, he pleaded silently, eyes shut tight.

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