@borrowedtimeandspace – I never mind questions about my OCs! Feel free to ask about my brand new boy. Just don’t expect any spoilers!

Stan is in fact gay, and happily engaged to his bisexual fiancee Nathan.

Which is lucky for Dean, because if they were the same size and Stan was single, the elder Winchester might have an energetic redhead crushing on him x3


I mean

Lookit that charm

“Somethin’ on my face?” Dean asked Stan. He briefly reached up to brush at his hair and make sure it was properly spiked.

Sherlock turned his head toward Dean at the question before he realized it wasn’t for him. Side-eyeing Stan, Sherlock went back to staring out the window and waiting out the ride.

For his part, Stan had absolutely no clue how to react to the small man’s witticism. He was choking on a chuckle, uncertain if that would be out of line or offensive. But there was something about Dean’s attitude that Agent Baker took a liking to.

“Would I know if there was?” he replied amiably with a faint smirk. A hint of an Irish accent poked through his words, confirming Sherlock’s silent observation. Second generation, from the sound of it.

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