Aw, good guess, but little Barry has nothing to do with this AU! So far, he and Xander are only in the original BA, my cute dorks. I do look forward to reaching their story after working up to it for so long.

I think we disguised the ‘b’ in bofa pretty well during the excerpts, but anyone familiar with my and neon’s writings will recognize it in the end.

Guesses are no longer accepted for #sotw#ws#don,  #auv#rt#awos,  #ababs and #teome! They have been guessed and previews will post, one per day, at 2pm est. You guys are on a roll! 

Names that still need to be guessed:  #atth,  #bofa,  #bah,  #tttb and  #a:asocs!

If all titles are guessed except for #a:asocs, we’ll reveal that one as a treat for such determination! Four more left!

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