@randompasserbyer This means the world to me to hear!

I definitely recommend following some writing blogs on tumblr. There’s a lot that have good grammar suggestions, word replacement guides, useful tools to use for when you’re writing. I use stuff as simple-sounding as the title capitalization website here, simply because a lot of the time I completely forget the rules! (Bad memory is one of my main features currently)

Another thing is, even when you start writing, don’t get discouraged. Trust me, no matter how far into writing, we always look back at stuff we wrote years ago and cringe. I can barely read some of my older works without wanting to attack them with corrections. You can see a line of improvement that runs through my stories, all the way back from the first g/t fic I posted (which is no longer online for reasons), through my first Supernatural g/t fic Reversal of Fate, going through An Ounce of Courage, and then the BA series. In my opinion, I hit my stride right around when I was writing Taken, and getting someone to help out and edit and beta, and someone to write with, was one of the best decisions I made for my writing.

If you do get help with your writing! Don’t forget there’s a difference between criticism and constructive criticism! Don’t get down because someone tells you your chapters are too long. Your chapters are too short. Stuff like that is purely subjective! Did you have a reason for those things? If you did, then remember certain types of ‘help’ aren’t the help you need! I did have to learn this one a few times.

Write, and write, and keep writing. Don’t push yourself if you’re having a hard time. Listen to songs that get you emotional. Write what makes you cry. Express yourself and don’t be afraid. It’s all in there just waiting to come out. ❤

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