Prizes 2018

As time goes on, the prizes change to match the contest.

This year, the seven winners will all have a choice! They can choose to either read a special snippet of a future story (5-8 chapters of a story; meaning if a shorter one is chosen, you’ll get to read the entire story, if a larger one is picked, only a portion) OR you can choose to receive a copy of the paperbound Brothers Apart! The first seven stories, held in your hand! The stories that set off the entire multiverse series!


So, here’s the rundown of what you’ll win:

  • 1 copy of Brothers Apart: Season 1 OR early access to a future story, to be determined at the end of the contest (choices will be offered depending on what has posted already, and what is written)
  • 2 sneak peeks of future Brothers Apart multiverse stories, both angst and cutes.

The Grand Prize winner will also receive a special 2000 word short story, written by @nightmares06 in the Brothers Apart universe from a prompt given by the winner!

The book can ship internationally, so feel free to enter if you are outside of the United States! Just remember that you will have to be comfortable with giving me your mailing address, there is no way around that.

Disclaimer: The winners are not to share the sneak peeks from the stories with anyone not previously approved by @nightmares06 and if they do may be banned from BA at night’s discretion.

(Main contest post here)

Cover Picture by: jessica-rae-3

Cover Spread by: @little-miss-maggie

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