I’m feeling a little concerned for Stan in the current excerpts. Not that I think the bros are gonna hurt him! But Dean is drunk, and I don’t know what Stan’s past experiences with drunk humans sums up to. Maybe he’s had none, in which case, great, but if the witch used to get drunk sometimes, I imagine that Stan has every reason to feel uneasy around a drunk human. At least Sam’s also there to make sure Dean doesn’t go overboard.

Good job picking up on that! And Stan, indeed, is not completely okay with having a drunk giant around. He’s at least Irish in his background, so drinking itself would come more naturally to him, but it’s not something he’s done as a borrower (very unlike his human counterpart in BC)…

Once the aftershocks subsided, Stan looked up to find Dean almost completely filling his vision, looking at him expectantly as the borrower realized he’d been asked a question.

“Oh, u-uh… I dunno, it was… on,” said Stan between heavy breaths. He wasn’t exactly afraid, more flummoxed than anything. He recognized the smell on Dean’s breath as the gusts wafted toward Stan’s seat. Once in a while the witch would come home in a particularly foul mood with similar smells radiating off him, and those nights were absolutely no fun for Stan; any little thing could set Nicholas off, and there was only one tiny person he could take it all out on.

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