February 17th excerpt:

The perfect place occurred to Dean at last, and he deposited Stan dead center on his chest, relaxing down into the pillow with a sigh. “Now, for some real TV,” he declared.

Stan propped himself up on his hands in attempt to right himself on the uneven ground that he belatedly realized was Dean’s chest, and he yanked those hands off of the soft shirt with a small gasp when the human spoke with Stan on him. Unlike when Stan was in Sam’s pocket, the rumbling of Dean’s voice shook him from below, which made for a slightly more intense sensation throughout Stan’s entire body.

Aside from that, the borrower found himself surrounded on all sides by the rising and falling landscape of Dean’s chest and torso. The same muscular plane that Stan had less than a day ago been admiring from afar, aspiring towards and even finding objectively handsome. Stan could feel his face heating up and quickly turned to face the TV, hoping Dean wouldn’t notice his flustered blush.

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