Brothers Grounded can have Jacob take them to Wellswood!

They’re on their way!

“We should scout the area before it gets dark,” Dean said, getting up and stretching. “Make sure we find a safe home for the night.”

“Right,” Jacob muttered, a more subdued smile on his face. Regardless of how much trust he’d managed to bargain for himself, the two of them would need some space to themselves. Fascinated or not, he couldn’t deny them that.

“Just keep yourselves outta trouble,” he joked, reaching out to nudge Dean in the side before he was done stretching. As before, he drew his hand back quickly to avoid the retribution that he was sure the little guy would offer. “Gotta be ready for a bit of a hike tomorrow.”

Dean recoiled in surprise, his face falling into a flat expression at the playful gesture. He threw up his arms in frustration at how quick the teenager could move, faster than he could react to. “Well unless the village is a few feet in, I think you’ll be doin’ most of the hikin’, Godzilla,” he retorted in annoyance, his Midwestern drawl thickening.

Sam tried to hide a snicker behind a hand, entertained by the innocent interactions between the pair. He hadn’t been bored once since they met Jacob. “So how far in the forest is the village, anyway?” he asked.

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