What are some Brothers Discovered Headcannons for Sam and Sherlock?

Well, since they won’t be meeting Sherlock until they’re older, we’re going to have to take a trip into the future for this one! (John didn’t meet Sherlock until after he returns from war)


After growing up with humans, Sam’s a lot harder to intimidate in BD compared to in BC, so if he finds Sherlock staring at him with an intent look, he’s more likely to stare right back at him. He’s long grown used to his knack going off around his friends.


And since Sam isn’t as intimidated by Sherlock in BD as he is in BC, if Sam finds himself with nothing to do he might just go and see what Sherlock’s up to if he’s around. I can see him climbing right up Sherlock from the floor, trapping the detective in place while the lil guy is on him. Bug him to see what he’s looking at in his microscope.

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