The Heart of a Wolf

Guess from the Brothers Apart discord! Feel free to join the conversation!

And another guess that comes right from the Brothers Apart chatroom! Dean might be the size of a mouse, but he has The Heart of a Wolf!

“What do you want?” Sherlock sighed. The last time the agent had set foot in Baker Street, he’d somehow gotten himself enrolled in a bizarre training with Dean.

Still, even Sherlock had to admit (at least to himself, and certainly not out loud) that he had the makings of an acceptable ally.

With their recent addition of Detective-Inspector Greg Lestrade to the list of people who knew about Sam and Dean, Sherlock was beginning to resign himself to this pattern.

Oh, er. Well, I was mostly wondering if Dean would be up for another training session.”

“I don’t see why not.” Sherlock’s blunt reply was strictly derived from Dean’s previous encounters with Agent Baker. They were quite easygoing with one another, the agent mindful of his movements around Dean, who was seemingly unafraid to tell it like it was to anyone no matter how tall. Objections to the opportunity to refine Agent Baker’s skills were likely to be rare, if existent.

Brilliant! ” After a slight pause, Agent Baker began a hesitant question. “Do you, ah, think he’ll mind–?

Sherlock rolled his eyes with a disinterested noise and hung up the phone on the spot.

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