Torchmlp: Birth of a Nightmare?

Guess from the Brothers Apart discord! Feel free to join the conversation!

@torchmlp got the name on the mark! Birth of a Nightmare is #boan, and it’s coming sooner than everyone expects with the season 3 finale! The origins of the witch!

Her life’s blood slowly dropped from the wounds, a puddle gathering beneath the planks.

“Please,” she rasped, her clear blue eyes looking towards her husband.

Her betrayer.

She swallowed, her throat as dry as a parchment found in the Egyptian tombs. “Please. I have done none of these things. I am innocent.”

A cold wind whipped up, tangling her pristine white robe around her legs. Bloodstains blossomed like flowers where the white came in contact with her ankles.

“She is not!” shouted her former lover. The man she’d thought soulbound to her much like she was to him. A bond that left nothing behind in her chest when it shattered, destroying all she’d ever thought important.

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