In general, wouldn’t a frozen grape work better as an icepack for tinys rather than a bit of ice? It won’t melt and once it’s not cold, a snack!

It might be!

Dean’s not the type to go out and buy fruit he doesn’t need, so this probably isn’t something you’ll find with the Winchester pair even if it occurred to them to freeze food. It is, however, something that John Watson thought of, though he didn’t pick a grape when he found an ice pack he could use for his extra-smol patients:

John went to the freezer for a cold pack. After what Sam had gone through with the ice packs for his bruises, the doctor spent one of his days off scouring the internet for friendlier, less messy alternatives to ice. After finding something surprising, John went out and bought a bag of mini marshmallows to keep in the freezer. Apparently they absorbed the cold really well, and since they were soft they were easier to apply to sore or achy spots on the body. Dean wouldn’t have to deal with the wetness of melting ice, and he’d have something sweet to nibble on later if he liked.

As strange as it was, it was a better option, theoretically.

Tearing open the plastic bag, John fished one marshmallow out and quickly placed it in front of Dean before the heat from his fingers could pass into it. “Cold pack,” he explained, fishing around a drawer for a fastener to keep the bag shut when he put it away.

Dean pushed himself up with a grunt, dubiously eyeing the offerings left next to him. “Marshmallow?” he questioned, picking it up. With a mental shrug, he held it to his forehead. “Oh, that hits the spot,” he declared, propping his elbow on his knee so he could stay sitting up.

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