Have you ever considered writing a novel? I feel like you could definitely do it- I’m blown away by how quickly you can write really awesome stories.


Aww, you’re very sweet!

I definitely want to write a novel in the future– I have a few different ideas (most with g/t, some with sci-fi or fantasy), and they run through my head a lot while writing.

Life has been getting in the way recently, mostly my job and personal life stress, keeping me from putting enough thought into the writing I want to do. I’ve been writing all this fanfiction because it’s so nicely self-indulgent after a long day of work. I can look at gifs and daydream stories in various setups. But yes, writing a novel is #thedream.


It’s so much fun (and super educational) to write stories like these together.

Personally, I have written a novel-length story here and there. Some of my work can be found on my Deviantart, including a snippet of Bowman Leafwing’s original story! That project is currently undergoing some pretty important edits, and there will be an announcement regarding the progress of that story sometime in the near future.

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