What would be Jacob’s and Bowman’s reaction to a butterfly sitting on Jacob’s nose? I just came back from a trip and a butterfly sat on my face and I couldn’t help but think of those two dorks By the way I love your stories, your great!

Thank you so much! We love that you love the stories and I am super glad you thought of my dorks after your magical encounter.

Jacob would be the most surprised about it, I bet. Butterflies usually avoid humans (or anything really), so to have one land on him would catch him off guard. He might balk and then freeze, all crosseyed, and Bowman would have to look back and see why his giant went silent. Of course, he’d have a laugh about the way he looked with a butterfly chilling on his face.

Rischa would be especially proud of Jacob for being calm enough for the butterfly to trust him. She’s pretty fond of those fluttery friends.

( Art by @ghostquack )

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