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Since AU Lounge was brought back into the spotlight, D&D session! With maybe Gabriel adding an extra twist by providing everyone with the proper costumes and props and a setting the smols can actually explore and fight in. Also Oscar and teddy Jacob as their local gnomes and giant Jacob as the dragon

It’s immersive D&D! Why pretend to be a dragon when you can be a dragon?!

Dean would be a knight in shining armor, with the Impala as his steed. You can’t ask for a more faithful steed than her, though instead of a horse I’ve always been fond of stories where the Impala is a black-and-chrome dragon!

Sam would certainly be a sorcerer or a wizard, always with a book of spells at his side to sling back at people.

As for the Baker street crew, John Watson has aspects of both a fighter and a cleric in him. Kicking ass and healing his party-mates.

Sherlock is hands down a bard. Don’t think he won’t strut out in a skirmish and violin the crap out of his opponent. Vicious Mockery is his go-to.

Then there’s Stan Baker as a ranger, the friendliest recluse you’ll meet. Don’t be fooled though, he and his animal companion Juno will mess their enemies up.

We need Jacob as a paladin, there to protect everyone and fight when it’s necessary.

Bowman could be a Scout/rogue, keeping an eye out for danger for the rest.

And Oscar would be a bard along with Sherlock, albeit a much friendlier one. Whenever Sherlock uses Vicious Mockery, you can bet there’s a shocked Oscar somewhere behind him wishing he wasn’t so mean!

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