Last contest extension and updates!

Hello all!

A few more people need extra time to finish up their entries, so the Brothers Apart 2019 contest will be extended one last time!

This is it, so make sure to buckle down if you’re entering!

The contest will officially end at midnight on May 18th, so mark your calendars! 

Remember, if anyone wants to submit another entry, the contest allows for (2) entries each. You can only win once, but you can enter twice to raise your chances!

In that line, because we’ve gotten a good number of entries, I have added one more prize! There will now be three first prizes, one of them chosen by a poll and the other two by myself!

The Contest Entries post has been updated with all current entries I’ve had submitted. If your entry is not on it, please message me and give me the link so I can add it. I don’t want anyone’s entry to be overlooked!

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