Of course! I’ll add it asap.

Order of creation:

  1. Brothers Apart– “But what if I never fixed Sam?”
  2. Brothers Found– “But what about JACOB?”
  3. Brothers Adopted– “Okay but Jacob’s too cute, let’s make him small”
  4. Brothers Divided– “… bad, Dean”
  5. Brothers Together– “OSCAR”
  6. Brothers Lost– “Okay we should make BOTH brothers small”
  7. Brothers Asunder– “Wee Sammers and Bowman as brothers!”
  8. Brothers Unexpected– “Because Sam/Jacob and Dean/Oscar are too cute to contain”
  9. Brothers Consulted– “I wonder how Sherlock and Dean would react to each other…”
  10. **Various unannounced ideas**
  11. Brothers Saved– “Big Sam and his tiny big brother strutting around”

More soon to come!

Jacob has actually already appeared in the Brothers Apart series, and he will be showing up again! His premier came in Calling John Bonham, when he didn’t believe Bowman’s story of fighting against the lich with the Winchesters, so he called up the number on the business card to see if it was all true.

(Sam must adopt his lil bro Jacob, right?)

In Brothers Together, we don’t know what Jacob’s up to or where he’s at, so only the future will tell! It’s always possible to have any of our characters (especially our main characters) in any of the AUs.

It has indeed! In fact, the second part of BF was a part of the poll last week, it just had the bad luck to not be chosen.

For the main three AUs of Lost, Found and Adopted, the first three stories are written and completed, giving us some leeway while we try and finish up more stories for everyone to read in the future. All three AUs were a part of the last poll, along with a few others 😉

We hope to keep it from getting too confusing, but it’s hard since we don’t want to ignore all the other AUs in order to post all of one! Just let us know if you ever have a question about the many, many storylines going.

Oh geeze. I gotta get my idea-journal out to even attempt to answer this.

Let’s see… for stories we’ve written (keep in mind these might not be edited yet), we’ve got 27 completed, including short stories and what’s already posted. For ideas and possibilities, which is an ever-growing list that expands every time we get a new idea from everyone, we’re currently at 28 future plans. And some of those stories/plans grew all the way from one little prompt, like Brothers Asunder!

( I’m pretty sure 4 of the 27 are posted… Lich, Salt Lines, Chasing Family, Road Not Taken, I don’t think I missed any, lol. Which means we’ve got 23 left to post, and we’re slowly working our way through editing them )

Remember to always send in any ideas you get! (Unless you want to write them yourselves 😉 ) There’s no telling what we’ll come up with next to add to our growing tower of stories-to-write.

We don’t honestly have an overarching name for all the ‘verses, but we’re always open to ideas!

For the moment, we refer to the collective of stories as BAU. Initially, it only stood for Brothers Apart Alternate Universe, but we’ve widened it to include Brothers Apart as well. Both of our other blogs include BAU tags to label anything that relates to these stories, like inspiring gifs.

#BAU on @nightmares06, and #bau shenanigans on @neonthewrite.

Thanks for clearing that up! It just definitely feels like the poll gets a lot of complaints whenever it’s time to start and I get fed up with it all. We want everyone to feel involved, but we don’t want favoritism so yeah. The poll was the best way to randomize it all.

That’s good to hear! It can be hard when asking things over the internet, since facial expressions and tone of voice don’t come across at all. For BA, it’s definitely my first AU, but now BL is competing with it for story ideas and inspiration, and the others may catch up as well. Having someone to write with means the ideas will explode, and so far haven’t stopped coming. I think BL gives us the chance to try a few new ideas we’ve never played with, and you’ll all love them!

And of course, other AUs have very fun plans in store as well… horror story, anyone? 

X3 It’s great to hear that! I was thrilled to get Bowman involved with the brothers. They make such an interesting combination, with no end to the sass shot back and forth. It’s why we decided to have him in the tenth story, a nice special edition.

Bowman will be back again in the future in Brothers Apart, and of course, there’s endless possibilities in the AUs we’ve designed. Not to mention, the next time he and the brothers run into each other, Jacob will be around to watch out for his sprite buddies (I can just imagine how he’ll take it when he finds out Dean kidnapped Bowman at first ^^;).

Ah, it’s definitely so great to hear that you are enjoying it! So much work has gone into this collab and it’s been a great experience to be able to see how my Bowman deals with the Winchesters. It turns out he sasses just as much but he can still get the job done. I can’t wait to add Jacob to the mix, and I hope you enjoy the AUs we have lined up. They are works of a lot of time and effort (and also many feels).

Thanks again!