X3 It’s great to hear that! I was thrilled to get Bowman involved with the brothers. They make such an interesting combination, with no end to the sass shot back and forth. It’s why we decided to have him in the tenth story, a nice special edition.

Bowman will be back again in the future in Brothers Apart, and of course, there’s endless possibilities in the AUs we’ve designed. Not to mention, the next time he and the brothers run into each other, Jacob will be around to watch out for his sprite buddies (I can just imagine how he’ll take it when he finds out Dean kidnapped Bowman at first ^^;).

Ah, it’s definitely so great to hear that you are enjoying it! So much work has gone into this collab and it’s been a great experience to be able to see how my Bowman deals with the Winchesters. It turns out he sasses just as much but he can still get the job done. I can’t wait to add Jacob to the mix, and I hope you enjoy the AUs we have lined up. They are works of a lot of time and effort (and also many feels).

Thanks again!

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