April 28th excerpt:

“Judging by yesterday, I’m betting you’ll make up for a lot by babysitting some nestlings,” Jacob quipped. The feeling of the tiniest little shoes walking on his hand or his shoulders would never lose its novelty, he was certain. Those kids hadn’t even had a chance to play with Sam’s “big big brother.”

A strange, almost alien happiness came over Dean at that. “Ya think?” he asked, a bit of awe in his eyes. He’d seen Jacob with the nestlings, but most of his time in the village had been spent either with Sam at his home or planning with Scar.

The children that visited with Jacob were so small. Especially the tiny nestling that had gotten a piggyback ride on Sam’s shoulders. While they were both standing on Jacob’s knee. Within reach of not one human, but two after Dean came over to join them.

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