Woo! You hit it on the nail!

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You’ve earned everyone a look at Bobby of Far Away!

And… it’s not the Bobby people adore.

“We were helping you! ” Sam snapped angrily up at the human. “Why the hell would you do this?!”

Scar wavered, with his legs only caught from just above the knees and down. He glared in surprise at the human, but cursed himself for his mistake even as the giant stared in smug triumph at him. He’d miscalculated and made a dangerous error in taking his focus off the enemy for even a second. He should have known better.

But this Bobby acted like no foe Scar had ever encountered before. The attack had hurt him, but he didn’t care.

“I’m doing it because it’s my land and I’ve been looking for sprites for forever?!” Bobby answered, exasperated and clearly annoyed that he even bothered to explain at all. It was clear on his face that it was a waste of time. “Now shuddup, would ya? This is a big deal.” He held Scar up at his eye level, watching the lean little guy try to stay upright while also trying to tug his legs free. It was futile, of course. He was way too weak.

“Blast it, you child,” Scar hissed. “Let go of us both now!” he demanded.

Bobby, of course, ignored him. Instead, he raised his other hand, the one still clamped around Sam. After adjusting his grip a little, he was able to pinch one of the fluttering, leafy wings in his thumb and first finger to stretch it out and look at it in the dying light.

“Owning land doesn’t mean you own people,” Sam snapped up at the human. When Bobby’s grip shifted around him, he managed to pull out an arm and try to shove against the hand he was trapped in. He couldn’t gain any traction at all. He might be stronger than a sprite but that meant almost nothing compared to a human of any size. Bobby was younger than him, and he was as inconsequential as a toy in those huge fingers as they shifted around him to examine the sprite.

“Leave his wings alone!” Sam shouted, punching in frustration against the knuckle he was closest to. He shoved his boots against the skin they were trapped within, wishing they had sharper heels to use as weapons.

“Nope,” Bobby shot back absently, even while he forced the wing into different angles to see how it moved. Scar winced and continued to struggle against him, but the movements were subdued with one wing stretched out. He couldn’t risk twisting at the wrong angle and damaging his wing.

Why? ” Scar spat. “What are you planning?”

This is actually a pretty straightforward question. The sprites don’t follow any traditions/beliefs pertaining to a menstrual cycle, because they don’t have one. Despite appearances, they are not closely related to the Great Ape family, and that’s actually one of the only types of mammal that has a cycle.

Sprites, all of my sprites, are Spirit-made, so even though they look a lot like humans there are a handful of biological differences (in the case of the wood sprites, they’re actually part plant so that right there opens up a bunch of differences).

Jacob, explaining this to Dean in Brothers Asunder:

Jacob frowned, feeling a little like a bad guy for what he was suggesting. But, as the only one good to drive the car, he knew that he had some room to insist. Dean needed the rest. Another glance down at Bowman showed that he needed it, too.

It also gave Jacob an idea. He reached out and gently scooped his hand under Bowman. The sprite flopped over on his hand before sitting up sluggishly, blinking slowly. His wings hung slack.

“What?” Bowman groused, his voice heavy with exhaustion.

Jacob looked over Bowman’s slumped form at Dean. “Bowman’s basically a plant, Dean. He’s been up and flying around since well before the sun went down. He needs to recuperate a little, at least. And you probably should, too. You had an arm busted tonight, dude.”

“Plant?” Dean asked, eyebrows scrunched in confusion. “Like energy-from-the-sun kinda plant?” He gave Bowman a slightly accusing look. “And you didn’t want to tell me that? ” he shot at the sprite, sounding put out after being lectured about how Bowman was ‘fine’ not long ago. How in the world was he going to be able to watch out for the little sprite if he didn’t even know something as important as that? At least if he or Jacob needed energy they could grab some coffee or a soda, but a plant…

“We don’t have an extra sun on hand, so you’ll need to take it easy until the morning,” Dean said tartly. “Sam won’t be happy if we run his little brother into the ground when he’s not around.” He held out his hand, beckoning Jacob to hand the sprite over. “I’ll keep an eye on small fry over here and make sure he doesn’t get into any more trouble.”

April 30th excerpt:

Sam decided to take advantage of it all. “I wonder who’ll be taller after this!” he called. Keeping a hand on the hilt of his sword, he bounced up an inch and landed on the pillow next to Bowman, aiming to upset the sprite’s balance. 

Bowman’s grin fell from his face and he stumbled backwards as the pillow sank under Sam’s weight. He tried to compensate his balance with his wings, but in the end the surface under them was too plushy for him to keep his feet.

His last ditch effort to leap up and hover above the pillow failed as well. He couldn’t find his balance and simply ended up falling backwards in a tangle of limbs. “Blast it!” he blurted out, awkwardly trying to roll over and pinning one of his wings.

Above them, Jacob couldn’t hold back a laugh. “Holy shit, Bowman,” he said through his snickers. “I don’t think anyone could have done that any better.”

April 29th excerpt:

Sam was barely visible. Only the top of his head was peeking out of the shirt, balled up in it as he was. Reaching out a hand, Dean carefully brushed Sam’s hair so he could see the peaceful expression on his little brother’s face. Sam shifted at the motion, snuggling deeper into the folds. He never woke up.

Dean smiled at that, and went around to the other side of the bed to get in. He did his best to avoid jarring the pillow across from him, but he had a distinct feeling that if any of them were awake for it, it would be closer to a low scale earthquake, based on the amount the pillow shook.

Sinking into his own pillow, Dean kept his eyes on the flannel shirt close by. He at least knew he didn’t roll around in his sleep, and most days he was an incredibly light sleeper. It would have to be enough.

April 28th excerpt:

“Judging by yesterday, I’m betting you’ll make up for a lot by babysitting some nestlings,” Jacob quipped. The feeling of the tiniest little shoes walking on his hand or his shoulders would never lose its novelty, he was certain. Those kids hadn’t even had a chance to play with Sam’s “big big brother.”

A strange, almost alien happiness came over Dean at that. “Ya think?” he asked, a bit of awe in his eyes. He’d seen Jacob with the nestlings, but most of his time in the village had been spent either with Sam at his home or planning with Scar.

The children that visited with Jacob were so small. Especially the tiny nestling that had gotten a piggyback ride on Sam’s shoulders. While they were both standing on Jacob’s knee. Within reach of not one human, but two after Dean came over to join them.

April 27th excerpt:

“You humans and your endless weirdness,” Bowman quipped, flicking his wings before settling them on the table behind him to relax.

“Humans cook most of their food,” Sam said with a grin, glad for things to be going back to their normal banter about how strange his people were. It was what he’d done with Bowman since his curse. Constant arguments about corners, size, food… and it was always entertaining.

“Who cares about mushrooms,” Dean mumbled around his own slice. “Give me some pepperoni or sausage any day.” He wrinkled his nose when Sam waved a mushroom over his head and then pointedly took a bite out of it.

April 26th excerpt:

Paper birds? Dean mouthed at Sam in some confusion, eliciting a smile from his younger brother.

“Paper airplanes,” Sam corrected with the sound of someone who’d long since given up trying to argue with the name. “Y’know that pen I used? That’s not the only thing I had on me from the motel.” His ears turned red at the memory, sheepish about taking stuff from the room. “I had the notebook they supplied the room with on me too. I think most of the pages ended up being used for paper airplanes.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t run off with the Bible,” Dean joked, a full smile finally overtaking his face at the easy banter between them.

April 25th excerpt:

Bowman didn’t notice Jacob’s look. “He said I look like a fairy,” he said, exasperated as he could be. He remembered Sam making a similar comparison at one point in their childhood. “Someone got the wrong information into all of your heads at some point.”

“You do look like a fairy,” Dean protested in an attempt to save himself. “It’s not my fault. The only thing that would make you more fairy-like is if you had butterfly wings to go along with the whole forest getup.”

April 24th excerpt:

Scar let himself chuckle briefly, a short sound that carried his pride with it. He remembered discovering that Sam held strength much greater than any sprite. It was one of his fondest memories, seeing his then-youngest student besting all of his veteran knights one by one in a test of strength.

April 23rd excerpt:

“You just missed the circus, guys. Too bad.”

Nothing stopped Sam from sending the human a completely unamused smile that didn’t reflect in his eyes. “That’s too bad. I always wanted to meet the bearded lady.”