April 29th excerpt:

Sam was barely visible. Only the top of his head was peeking out of the shirt, balled up in it as he was. Reaching out a hand, Dean carefully brushed Sam’s hair so he could see the peaceful expression on his little brother’s face. Sam shifted at the motion, snuggling deeper into the folds. He never woke up.

Dean smiled at that, and went around to the other side of the bed to get in. He did his best to avoid jarring the pillow across from him, but he had a distinct feeling that if any of them were awake for it, it would be closer to a low scale earthquake, based on the amount the pillow shook.

Sinking into his own pillow, Dean kept his eyes on the flannel shirt close by. He at least knew he didn’t roll around in his sleep, and most days he was an incredibly light sleeper. It would have to be enough.

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