April 30th excerpt:

Sam decided to take advantage of it all. “I wonder who’ll be taller after this!” he called. Keeping a hand on the hilt of his sword, he bounced up an inch and landed on the pillow next to Bowman, aiming to upset the sprite’s balance. 

Bowman’s grin fell from his face and he stumbled backwards as the pillow sank under Sam’s weight. He tried to compensate his balance with his wings, but in the end the surface under them was too plushy for him to keep his feet.

His last ditch effort to leap up and hover above the pillow failed as well. He couldn’t find his balance and simply ended up falling backwards in a tangle of limbs. “Blast it!” he blurted out, awkwardly trying to roll over and pinning one of his wings.

Above them, Jacob couldn’t hold back a laugh. “Holy shit, Bowman,” he said through his snickers. “I don’t think anyone could have done that any better.”

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