Oh geeze. I gotta get my idea-journal out to even attempt to answer this.

Let’s see… for stories we’ve written (keep in mind these might not be edited yet), we’ve got 27 completed, including short stories and what’s already posted. For ideas and possibilities, which is an ever-growing list that expands every time we get a new idea from everyone, we’re currently at 28 future plans. And some of those stories/plans grew all the way from one little prompt, like Brothers Asunder!

( I’m pretty sure 4 of the 27 are posted… Lich, Salt Lines, Chasing Family, Road Not Taken, I don’t think I missed any, lol. Which means we’ve got 23 left to post, and we’re slowly working our way through editing them )

Remember to always send in any ideas you get! (Unless you want to write them yourselves 😉 ) There’s no telling what we’ll come up with next to add to our growing tower of stories-to-write.

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