Good question!

We’ve been editing the stories one by one, and doing our best to keep them even. That way, we’re prepared whatever story gets chosen, we (hopefully!) have more ready for after.

That said, once the first story of each AU concludes, we’ll go back to another poll to pick the next. We won’t have the entire AU post all at once, and this will give us the time to write more of the AUs ahead of time. More stories get added to the poll each time a story ends, and we go on from there! So it’s up to you guys what goes up. We’re handing over the reigns, if not the AU names.

Hopefully, stories forever!

The actual length of the first story for each AU:

Brothers Lost: 27 chapters

Brothers Found: 16 chapters

Brothers Adopted: 27 chapters

This is a cute idea, but it’s more likely to appear as a story within one of the AUs, it won’t be an AU on its own. Can you just see how offended Sam will be if he wakes up in a room full of normal-sized furniture? He’d be yelling at Dean for pranking him in a dollhouse!

Since we can’t pick a favorite and we want everyone to get involved, at the end of A Lich of Sense, I’ll host a poll! It’ll go up on dA and tumblr, and the story that wins will be what posts afterwards! You’ll get three story titles to chose from, one from Brothers Adopted, one from Brothers Lost and finally Brothers Found.

Later polls will include other AU’s and probably the next Brothers Apart story, and we’ll just keep rolling from there!

It’s going to be part of one of the AU’s we already have under construction. This was actually a story we came up with not long after we finished writing A Lich of Sense, and right around when we realized there was no reason to stop writing stories together.

  • Dean is big, so it’s not a part of Brothers Lost.
  • Brothers Asunder hasn’t started yet, so it’s not a part of that series.
  • Jacob is not (yet?) a part of Brothers Together. (Though he and Oscar would be so adorable. The tallest guy with the smolest smol)

Which AU it’s in will remain a secret, but it is actually the third story in that AU! And, it’s the longest, angstiest, most terrifying story we’ve ever come up with. It’s also in the middle of being edited, so it’s not ready for upload.

Remember, it’s going to be up to a vote which story comes after A Lich of Sense stops posting, so even we don’t know when it’ll post!

So the option to post BA along with one of the AU’s is in the lead for the most popular choice, but I’m not sure if I’ll end up going with that. It would actually be easier to have one story posting

at a time, that way it’s easier to organize uploads and notes. Doing two at once is actually more draining than I thought it would be. I’ll have to think on it more, but at the very least, three updates a week will be guaranteed. 

Drop an ask if you have any thoughts!


Celeste isn’t out of the story yet, as seen by her surprise showing in The Schism of Fire and Water (x) at the end as the person that was pulling Ilyana’s strings. Sam’s ability is starting to evolve more fitting to the story, and he has the ability to know when he’s been spotted or is being tracked. It’s a tingling on the back of his neck, a solid hammer of uneasiness that can come out of nowhere the second he’s spotted. The visions are going to taper off for him slowly.

As for the rest of the story… you’ll just have to wait and see… 😉

BT Dean height

I think BT Dean being taller than canon Dean would make sense honestly now that it’s mentioned, since lack of good nutrition/ food really does stunt growth. So now that Dean doesn’t have to sacrifice nearly as much for Sam, maybe he would grow that extra inch or two.


Ayyyy @brothersapart here’s a late Happy-First-Anniversary drawing I just finished xD I’ve been in a couple month long art block so it took me a while to finally finish it.

I’d post this on my dA account but it’s so glitchy and yeah so hopefully this will work instead.

I absolutely adore your BA au, and I had to draw this for yah. I’ve never drawn gt before so I hope it’s alright ^_^

The Climbing Bet

BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: After The Golden Touch

Dean snorted. “No way.”

Sam glared up at him. “Seriously? You doubt me? After I saved your sorry ass from being a statue.” He shook his head mournfully with a smirk hiding in the corner of his lips.

Dean cocked an eyebrow at the bookshelf. “Sure, but you climbed a tree back there. I’m betting there’s a few more handholds on a tree than a shelf. The thing’s pretty much a cliff.”

Sam jabbed his hook at Dean. “If I can climb it, I get control over the television for a week.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed. “Deal.” He stuck a hand out.

Sam grinned confidently as he let Dean cautiously shake his much smaller arm between two fingers. “You’ll be eating your words,” he shot back at his big brother as the older hunter stood and stepped back.

“Better put your money where your mouth is, pint-size,” Dean said as he leaned against the wall. Standing, he was just as tall as the shelves he’d challenged Sam to climb. “Or I’ll be in charge of the TV for the week.”

Sam uncoiled his fishing line, the clear rope ready in his hands. He ignored the looming shadow of the older Winchester, knowing Dean wouldn’t interfere unless Sam slipped. For once, he actually had a safety net as he climbed. Normally, he was on his own when he tried foolhardy stunts like this. Walt would always lecture him, but he’d always do it again. He was one of the best climbers around, after all.

The first shelf was easy. An easy toss got the hook snagged on a vase. Sam tugged on the line, judging how solid the catch was. Only when he was certain that it wouldn’t shake free did he start climbing up.

The line he used was smooth, hard to climb directly up most days. After years of practice, his hands were becoming as callused as Dean’s, but for completely different reasons. The calluses gave him a better grip on his line, letting him haul his body up with nothing more than his hands.

He clambered up the first shelf, eyeing up his surroundings. Beyond the vase and a discarded Bible, he could see Dean’s knees, the thick legs crossed while he leaned against the wall. Sam couldn’t help a smile at the thought of using Dean to climb the rest of the way up, but pushed that thought away. Besides being an easy out, Dean would probably declare that ‘cheating.’

Sam flicked his line, releasing the hook from its snug fit. He held it at the ready, staring up at the shelf above. This time, the game would be interesting. The shelves were all even, so there was no way for him to reach the next one up without leaning out into the open air.

A careful examination of his surroundings revealed a bracket above, used to set the shelves into the wall. There were holes interspaced on the brackets, and one of them might be just far enough out for him to be able to use it to climb up. With a rush of confidence, Sam tossed his hook at the bracket.

And missed.

He growled as he pulled the line back. Dean leaned down with a smirk. “Need a hand?” he goaded Sam.

Sam ignored him, trying the shot again. At least in this case, there was no hurry, and no danger from the human nearby. No danger past the teasing and jokes, at least.

The second toss did it. He tugged on the line, then began climbing again. This time, his line didn’t make it all the way to the shelf, but he was able to grip the metal bracket, scaling up the last few inches. He unhooked his fishhook on the way, attaching it to the pocket Walt had made for a time just like this.

The grin wouldn’t leave his face after that level. The end of a blanket draped down from the shelf above, so he didn’t even need to get his hook back out to get to the third shelf, putting him at chest height for Dean and one shelf away from his goal. He caught his hook on the bracket on his first toss. Barely two minutes later, and he hauled himself up to the top, swaggering over to Dean’s surprised face with a knowing grin.

“So,” Sam smirked. “Who’s up for some Star Wars this week?”

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