It’s going to be part of one of the AU’s we already have under construction. This was actually a story we came up with not long after we finished writing A Lich of Sense, and right around when we realized there was no reason to stop writing stories together.

  • Dean is big, so it’s not a part of Brothers Lost.
  • Brothers Asunder hasn’t started yet, so it’s not a part of that series.
  • Jacob is not (yet?) a part of Brothers Together. (Though he and Oscar would be so adorable. The tallest guy with the smolest smol)

Which AU it’s in will remain a secret, but it is actually the third story in that AU! And, it’s the longest, angstiest, most terrifying story we’ve ever come up with. It’s also in the middle of being edited, so it’s not ready for upload.

Remember, it’s going to be up to a vote which story comes after A Lich of Sense stops posting, so even we don’t know when it’ll post!

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