Innovations of the Burrow

The littles that live out in the fields behind Bobby’s home have many different innovations. Because there’s so many different littles that find their way there (mostly with Rumsfeld’s help when he finds them wandering), they have a larger skill set than in other areas.

  • The stream that runs by one of the back entrances is full of minnows, so the more adept men and women will spear them, or careful nets are created to net them with.
  • They keep a bed of coals lit at all times in their largest chamber. It provides a place to cook fish, bugs or small animals that they need to fend off along with a source of heat in the winter.
  • Grass is woven into baskets by the older littles, and they teach the younger children the same skill.
  • Berries are collected from the nearby area. From the berries they can create a variety of jams and wines, and vinegar from the wines that age.
  • They make their clothing out of a variety of fabrics and plant materials. They have never had a tanner like Walt come to the burrow, so that is one skill that is lacking. His boots, leather jackets, leather satchels and canteens that he makes (the canteens dreamed up in a conversation with @chewbaccaaah), are all more durable than the fabric and cloth shoes used by the burrow. To gather fabric, they need to range farther than normal, sometimes venturing to the other homes in the area (Bobby’s was avoided as of the events in Adventures at Bobby’s).

Arthur and Alyssa Harbor commissioned from Heartstores

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