Oh dear, boop the cuties.

That really depends on the little in question. For instance, Bree isn’t going to mind one bit. She’s used to contact with humans, and considers it completely normal. Oscar, on the other hand, has never really had close contact with humans and is always baffled when Dean insists on messing with his mousy hair.

Dean as a little will be completely offended that someone is messing with his spike, while Sam is resigned, considering how often Dean fluffs it into a mess. Dean’s way of saying you should really cut this.


Artwork by @mogadeer

( This fell into @nightmares06‘s inbox, but just fyi Oscar belongs solely to @neonthewrite. As for the rest, I’m so glad you like my stories so much! I have to admit, I was pulled into Supernatural the same way, by an amazing fic that I couldn’t get enough of. We’ve got plenty more in store for you! )

@neonthewrite – 

Oscar doesn’t actually have a last name. If his mom had one, she never got around to telling him before she vanished. We call him Oscar the OC, because in the earliest writing process I hadn’t picked a name for him yet. He was “OC” in all my notes, and fill in a few letters, you get Oscar!

As for appearance, Oscar has brown eyes and poofy, mousey brown hair. He’s super skinny and petite, reaching only three and a quarter inches in adulthood! He’s one of my wee-est characters.


Artwork by @mogadeer. Commission her, she’s amazing! ❤

Everyone wants to boop Oz.