( This fell into @nightmares06‘s inbox, but just fyi Oscar belongs solely to @neonthewrite. As for the rest, I’m so glad you like my stories so much! I have to admit, I was pulled into Supernatural the same way, by an amazing fic that I couldn’t get enough of. We’ve got plenty more in store for you! )

@neonthewrite – 

Oscar doesn’t actually have a last name. If his mom had one, she never got around to telling him before she vanished. We call him Oscar the OC, because in the earliest writing process I hadn’t picked a name for him yet. He was “OC” in all my notes, and fill in a few letters, you get Oscar!

As for appearance, Oscar has brown eyes and poofy, mousey brown hair. He’s super skinny and petite, reaching only three and a quarter inches in adulthood! He’s one of my wee-est characters.


Artwork by @mogadeer. Commission her, she’s amazing! ❤

Everyone wants to boop Oz.

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