June 16th excerpt:

Jacob was stretched out on the bed watching a TV channel showing sci-fi B movies. It was the best offering on the motel’s limited channel listing for the time being, and he let himself doze off once or twice while he watched.

He didn’t get up much. In truth, he was nervous to walk around.

He couldn’t help but think of Walt’s wary demeanor, the distrust in those tiny, hardened blue eyes. He could only imagine what kind of instincts were directing the man’s caution, and didn’t begrudge him that at all. Jacob was big, and he had proven himself dangerous to people like them when he first swept Dean up in a fist, and again when he grabbed Sam.

He’d learned a lot since then, but he’d never forget the fear on their tiny faces. Both brothers thought they might lose each other, all because of Jacob. Walt, as far as he had known, had lost his adopted sons, because of Jacob.

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