Sneak Peek

Since the story name was guessed while the excerpts were still posting, here’s a special sneak peek of Far From Home!

The car came to a halt, and the engine cut out. High heels clicked their way around the car, and once more the door opened. This time, there were two voices instead of just the one.

“What were you thinking? The ritual has to be tonight. We can’t risk it just because you got nervous, Cee.”

The next person to talk had the voice of the secretary that had helped Dean. “I was thinking that this is a hunter, and we can’t risk having him on the loose.” Unlike earlier on in the day when she’d fawned over Dean, her voice was confident and assured. “Or did you forget the last hunter that happened to come across our coven, Dee?”

Dean’s body shifted, and then was lifted up by the two women. The cadence of walking was much different, and Jacob found himself lying on top of Dean like they were watching TV in the motel room, swinging from side to side.

“Besides,” Cee’s voice went on, “three blood sacrifices are needed for the blood moon, right? This is kismet, not bad luck. Unlike the children, no one’s going to miss one little hunter, all on his own.”

Then Dean was dropped to the ground and propped up, and the faint rustling sound of a rope being tied was all that could be heard as the man was secured.

Jacob kept a hand over his mouth while the two women worked. Part of him knew there was no way they’d hear his rapid breathing or pounding heart, and yet every second he worried he’d see a hand diving into the pocket after him with well-manicured nails ready to snatch him up. Thankfully, the hand never came, and he was left in the pocket as the final knot was pulled tight.

He heard a weak whimper from close to Dean, and his heart fluttered. It sounded like another woman, this one much younger than the others. Missing kids, the distracted thought flashed across Jacob’s mind to join the flurry of his other thoughts. Footsteps faded away with talk of more preparations for the sacrifice, but Jacob’s attention turned inward.

Blood moon. Sacrifice. Kismet? They had arrived in the nick of time. 

The only problem was Dean was captured, and most of his weapons waited back at the motel.

Character Profile: Celeste

Name: Celeste

Age: Unknown

Species: Witch/Archangel 

Eye Color: Ice blue

Hair Color: Blonde/Brown depending on form

Gender: Currently female

Known Abilities: Hexes, curses. Able to manipulate her form if she needs a disguise. Feared by other witches for her willingness to go through with her threats, and her lack of morals. Telekinesis, as seen when she pins Dean effortlessly to the wall. Demons are often found in her vicinity.

Background: Very little is known of Celeste or her origins. Though John Winchester was able to track her victims over the course of the last few decades, before that there is no sign of her existence. She has plans for Sam and his older brother, and continues to haunt their footsteps, going so far as to summon fire sprites from the realm of Aeternum to bring the cursed brother to her, and working with Mina Chandler to outright buy Sam from the Mangas’ household. 

Celeste is the primary antagonist of Brothers Apart and its respective AUs, but prefers to use puppets to do her dirty work, keeping the Winchesters in the dark. She is feared by the covens after having made examples of several members during her ‘experiments’ (as seen in Witchcraft).

One thing is certain: With her flair for the dramatic and the love of making a scene, she won’t remain in the background forever.

Quote: Do you know how many times this same story has played out? Sometimes John saves you, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes that little thorn, Walt, interferes. Sometimes he doesn’t. But you know my favorite part? The fact that you two little dears just never figure me out. Bumbling around, saving people, hunting things. You can’t see past what’s right in front of your faces. You’re mine. And you always will be.

Inspiration music: Painted Black by Ciara (Cover)

Celeste © @nightmares06
Artwork by @lamthetwickster


68. Witchcraft

Well, I think this is as good a time as any for a visit from my favorite witch herself, Celeste!

Celeste let a look of disgust cross her face as she stared down her opponent.

The others in the coven were pallid, weak, disgusting excuses for witches. Celeste stood tall, her own powers outstripping them by far.

“I will not share my secrets with others,” she declared loudly, her eyes bright with distaste for having to deal with such lowly servants.

The leader stood, slowly uncoiling from her stone chair. “You stand against us?” she ask in a throaty growl, her red-rimmed eyes narrowing.

“I do not care where you stand,” Celeste replied back, her voice as mild as it ever was. Blonde, tall, and busty, she cut an intimidating figure wherever she went, a boon to the glamor she wore to cover up her true form. If they could see her original body… well these women would not be so keen on learning her secrets. Not all paths were desired, no matter that immortality could be hers to give and share with them.

“You must stop you experiments,” the leader commanded. Black robes coiled around her, sometimes giving the impression of smoke.

Even their glamor was predictable.

“Perhaps you would like to be the next I experiment on,” Celeste said, still mild.

A collective gasp came from those ringing where she stood. “But I thought it only worked on children! ” a woman on the left exclaimed. Her child was one of the ones Celeste had taken for herself.

Celeste stared straight at her, refusing to allow these women anonymity. “You know nothing of me. And little of my powers.”

Bored with the conclave, she ripped her hand through the air. The leader of the coven was tossed against the wall, and Celeste advanced while the others withdrew.

“You will not interfere with me,” Celeste hissed. “Or I shall have your entrails for dinner. I have been given a task by he who rules Hell himself, and no one shall stand in my way.”

Then she was gone, and all that proved she’d been there was a brand, burned into the lead witch’s forehead and glowing with the brightness of the sun. The women wailed as they read the message she had left.

Her true name.