Could sb stand for something borrowed or sorry borrowers? Maybe even selling borrowers since it seems like Jacob is getting kidnapped.

Ding ding ding!

You’ve got it! #sb stands for Something Borrowed, and the something that gets borrowed is……..


(Our working titles for this were Borrowed Without Permission and An Unexpected Journey, so you can imagine how fabulous this is going to go for wee Jake). 

The rumbling in the floor died out with the giant no longer in motion, and Jacob stared with wide, stunned eyes at the hand that had become a wall to him. He was less than four inches tall; that hand dwarfed him so easily it didn’t even feel real. He could see minuscule scars and calluses in the thick skin, details he probably wouldn’t even notice if he wasn’t so damn small.

Twisting around with the thought of darting back under the dresser, he found another hand blocking his way. Jacob was trapped between hands big enough to crush him with just a few fingers.

That realization settled in the pit of his stomach, and finally prompted him to look up.

Looming overhead was a giant, grinning face, smug for having caught him so easily. Jacob still couldn’t see the real motive in that face, even though he could see more than half of it now. He just saw someone smirking down at him, someone easily twenty times his own size. He was scared.

Legs shaking and nowhere to run to, Jacob held his hands up weakly. “W-wait,” he said, unsure if his voice even carried up enough for the man to hear.

Dean barely noticed Jacob talking, too riveted on the tiny teenager he’d trapped. He moved one of his hands quickly towards Jacob, knocking the kid’s feet out from under him and tipping him onto the palm of his hand with the tiniest yelp of surprise Dean had ever heard. Despite the fact that all of Jacob’s weight tumbled into his hand, Dean could barely feel him lying there.

Fascinated, Dean lifted Jacob up into the air, his intent green eyes taking in every one of Jacob’s few inches. The kid was tiny, not even stretching all the way from one side of Dean’s palm to the other. He was wearing a hoodie, slightly too large for his frame, along with jeans. Dean curiously pinched one of the tiny hands between two fingers, feeling the soft skin and precise movements of little fingers.

“Dude!” Dean couldn’t keep in the exclamation, earning a startled flinch from Jacob. “The news wasn’t kidding about you, was it?”

In the sb excerpts, Jacob’s been living at home with his family, downsized (I’m guessing his mom found him when he first got shrunk), before he got snatched by someone. Is it Dean? It feels like it might be Dean.

We were going to keep it a secret as long as possible… That 22-year-old, young and bright-eyed hunter that broke into Jacob’s house and kidnapped him… is the one and only Dean Winchester!

“Was it something I said?”

Undeterred by Jacob’s refusal to respond, Dean crept closer to the edge of the dresser, beginning to size it up to estimate if he could just reach under and grab the kid out. The space under the furniture wasn’t much, and he wasn’t sure how far his arm would reach before getting stuck.

Keeping the light on Jacob and his head sideways against the ground, Dean gave the kid a grin in an attempt to win him over. “C’mon, I just wanna talk to ya!”

Jacob didn’t believe that for a second. He took another step back, feeling crowded in even more as the guy moved closer to the edge. He could only see half of the man’s face, and it was still overwhelming. There was too much confidence in that half-smirk he could see.

May 16th excerpt:

The humming, and eventually, the singing along, seemed so strange to Jacob. It was a casual reminder that for Dean, driving around like this was no huge deal at all. He could pick up and leave to wherever he wanted at any time. Jacob remembered enjoying road trips. In fact, he’d been on one when he was cursed by that witch and condemned to live at the size of a finger.

Jacob frowned as the sound of Dean’s singing along rumbled out of the chest he sat next to. It practically drowned out the sound of the radio, despite being somewhat quiet by Dean’s standards. Without even thinking about it, Jacob jabbed an elbow into Dean’s chest in disapproval of his rendition.

He immediately regretted it. Jacob had seen Dean smirk at him being defiant before, when the human found him punching the vase to be very entertaining. But he’d also had the vase slammed back down around him when he tried to escape, nearly taking his hands off in the process. There was no way to know how Dean would react.

Great guess!

It’s sort of an AU of an AU… what happens in Brothers Adopted if Dean never found Sam trying to save Jacob? Does Dean let Jacob go? Does he try and help the kid out?

What resulted from that is the most hilarious path of misunderstandings and shenanigans we’ve had in any story. Jacob could use a guidebook on how to handle Dean.

Presenting… Brothers Divided!

Brothers Adopted has begun, and we’re going to let you all in on a secret! Remember this picture?


… That’s not from Brothers Adopted. It never happened in that series.

We just never bothered correcting anyone who thought big Dean and tiny Jake were from that series. It’s from an AU that was never guessed, yet has two stories written for it already! So, if anyone figures it out, we’ll let you in on the secret 😉 

A bit of divergent fun with our characters.

Artwork by @mogadeer

February 18th excerpt:

Dean scooped up the wires and pins into his arms and started to pack them away into his duffel. “No, I think you’re good. This is more than I asked for. I might have to start hiding the pins from Sam soon, he might throw them at me if he has to sit around much longer.”

Jacob snickered at the image of Sam tossing around pins the size of small daggers to him. They would be like slightly bulky throwing knives. “Maybe,” Jacob agreed, raising an eyebrow appraisingly at the pins as Dean stashed them away.

February 11th excerpt:

Jacob grinned at a sudden thought. “Hey, maybe we’ll get you back in California sometime. Hollywood’s bound to see a few ghosts now and then, right?”

Dean sat down next to the sausage as Jacob talked, taking a whiff of his ouzo. The bittersweet fragrance gave him a shock of nostalgia, the tint of licorice in the air another smell he’d never expected to experience again.

“We could always get a tour on set in Hollywood,” Dean said, going along with Jacob. “I mean, I’m sure Sammy’s always wanted to meet a star from the Gilmore Girls.

February 9th excerpt:

Dean held his face expressionless as he listened to Jacob’s words, checking out his own cards. For him, it was a more involved process. Sam stood half an inch higher than the cards, but Dean wasn’t even a third of an inch taller. They were lightweight, but bulky in his hands. The thick, coated paper was coarse as he lifted it, spotting the red letters that told him his card.

Dropping that card down, he lifted up the second. “Maybe that’ll have to be your incentive,” he told Jacob dryly. “You’ll have to come to us if you want to do your laundry.”