In the sb excerpts, Jacob’s been living at home with his family, downsized (I’m guessing his mom found him when he first got shrunk), before he got snatched by someone. Is it Dean? It feels like it might be Dean.

We were going to keep it a secret as long as possible… That 22-year-old, young and bright-eyed hunter that broke into Jacob’s house and kidnapped him… is the one and only Dean Winchester!

“Was it something I said?”

Undeterred by Jacob’s refusal to respond, Dean crept closer to the edge of the dresser, beginning to size it up to estimate if he could just reach under and grab the kid out. The space under the furniture wasn’t much, and he wasn’t sure how far his arm would reach before getting stuck.

Keeping the light on Jacob and his head sideways against the ground, Dean gave the kid a grin in an attempt to win him over. “C’mon, I just wanna talk to ya!”

Jacob didn’t believe that for a second. He took another step back, feeling crowded in even more as the guy moved closer to the edge. He could only see half of the man’s face, and it was still overwhelming. There was too much confidence in that half-smirk he could see.

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