How would Sherlock react to extra tiny Jacob in the Lounge? Would he see right away he’s not cursed like the others and try to understand what happened to him and go all mind palace? Will guess some of the trials he went through(by his ragged look or smell)?

Mostly Jacob will have to put up with being on the other end of Sherlock’s pocket magnifier. He’s so much littler than all the others, even Oscar! He can probably narrow down a few possibilities of his ordeals if there are signs of poor Jake’s wear and tear over the course of JIW, and he’ll be interested to know just how he got so very smol. Jake’s in for gentle pokes and a lot of examining and zero personal space until Sherlock gets shooed away from him.

At this point, extra tiny Jacob is more than Done over the fact that he’s tiny again, after all the crap he went through before he was graciously allowed to be tol again. If not for a certain Sam likely scooping him up into a satchel, he’d most likely just weather Sherlock’s attention with the most exhausted, exasperated silence.

Seriously. He thought he was done with all this.

Will teddy Jacob (Brothers Found) be safe and free to wander around the Lounge, or will he be stuck in Sam’s duffel the whole entire time?

Sam is a BIG fan of mother henning his Jacob, it would be a struggle to let the little guy go free to wander!

Jacob might be fine with hanging out with other little guys. They would at least understand and help him out. There’d be a lot of tol folks around, though, and after all the grief he dealt with without Sam or Bowman as a buffer, he’d be sticking close to one of them if he could. He could chill with Oscar.

Will giant Jacob be able to see extra small Jacob(Brothers Found)? And how will the other Jacobs react to seeing such a small version of them next to such a big one. Although, I’m not so sure mother henning Sam will like the idea of his teddy Jacob risk getting hurt…

Yeah, there’s not much chance that Sam will let his tiny lil Jacob anywhere close to a giant among giants. He’s had enough trouble keeping Dean out of trouble with the little guy!

With the sizes in question, the biggest Jacob is unlikely to be able to see the tiny Jake without some sort of aid to help his sight. It’s a huge, huge difference between them!

Mini Jacob meets Wumbo Jacob

I’m sorry I have to let you know that reading this ask nearly knocked me out of my chair. Thank you so much.

To answer the actual scenario, these two might actually have trouble even perceiving each other, and even then that might be with the help of the Lounge. Luckily there’s the no-harm magic around so that giant Jacob speaking wouldn’t shake mini Jacob apart.

Beyond that, their sizes are so different it’d be hard to comprehend. Giant Jacob definitely can’t see the little guy as more than a speck. Meanwhile the little guy’s whole entire sky is a face. What the heck. Why this. He’d have to dive into someone’s satchel to just try to process the size difference. Do not leave him on that giant’s hand; he’d get lost.

Will we have a extra tiny jacob from wonderland in the Lounge? How will everyone react? The overprotectivenessssss. Will the Brothers Found guys suspect Gabriel of being a trikster?


Due to popular demand, the next time the Brothers Found crew goes to The Lounge, it’ll be with an extra smol Jacob in tow! We haven’t quite gotten to writing this yet, but it is certainly in the plans!

You can check out the other lounge posts to see the original ideas that were shooting around about this concept (poor Jacob)– here

Jacob in Wonderland

(Story 4 of the Brothers Found series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

Did you know that you and Dean-O are the first humans in over a generation to actually manage to befriend little guys like Sam and Bowman? I mean, sure. Dean had a bit of a leg up there with Sam actually being his brother, but there have been other families in the past split by size like that and they never bothered with each other again.

Of course your life is a game. Everyone’s life is a game. And the name of the game?


Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Bowman Leafwing, the Trickster

Warnings: Horror story. Please read full warning on first chapter of story.

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Artwork by @mogadeer​!