How would Sherlock react to extra tiny Jacob in the Lounge? Would he see right away he’s not cursed like the others and try to understand what happened to him and go all mind palace? Will guess some of the trials he went through(by his ragged look or smell)?

Mostly Jacob will have to put up with being on the other end of Sherlock’s pocket magnifier. He’s so much littler than all the others, even Oscar! He can probably narrow down a few possibilities of his ordeals if there are signs of poor Jake’s wear and tear over the course of JIW, and he’ll be interested to know just how he got so very smol. Jake’s in for gentle pokes and a lot of examining and zero personal space until Sherlock gets shooed away from him.

At this point, extra tiny Jacob is more than Done over the fact that he’s tiny again, after all the crap he went through before he was graciously allowed to be tol again. If not for a certain Sam likely scooping him up into a satchel, he’d most likely just weather Sherlock’s attention with the most exhausted, exasperated silence.

Seriously. He thought he was done with all this.

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