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Oh, I have and I just love it! Especially when things get swapped around, and I’m always a fan of Boone. And her other book, the Fairy Rebel was one of the books I read again and again as a kid, over and over. Those formed a lot of my first impressions with g/t, along with The Borrowers. It was so hard to find good g/t when I was a kid! Always hoping for that one episode of a story where someone gets shrunk, (watching the horrifying movie The Incredible Shrinking Man that scarred me for so long), Honey I shrunk the kids…

Oh dear, boop the cuties.

That really depends on the little in question. For instance, Bree isn’t going to mind one bit. She’s used to contact with humans, and considers it completely normal. Oscar, on the other hand, has never really had close contact with humans and is always baffled when Dean insists on messing with his mousy hair.

Dean as a little will be completely offended that someone is messing with his spike, while Sam is resigned, considering how often Dean fluffs it into a mess. Dean’s way of saying you should really cut this.


Artwork by @mogadeer

For all houses, you’ll actually find that there is a lot of space that you can’t see into!

For instance, we need a place for the pipes for the plumbing to go through, and the electrical wires that run through for the lights/light switches and electrical outlets. These can’t exist in a vacuum. Also, buildings will have space under the floors, as well. No matter how sturdy a house is built, you’ll find that mice and other rodents will always find a place to live, and this is the kind of space that the small folk use for their homes.

If there ever was a solidly built house, you wouldn’t find small folk living there, but that is definitely an out-of-the-norm situation.

@nightmares06 – Oo, tough choices, but I’d go with Sam’s situation. I like the adventurous side of the size shenanigans. Exploring in a huge world, going in the walls (possibly shitting my pants if I see any bugs or spiders), and a sibling to count on.

Also, giant food. Win win.

@neonthewrite – This one’s hard. I rarely imagine myself as the subject of a gt story. In the end, though, I’d feel way more comfortable if I had to be tiny rather than big. It’s easier to hide when I’m self conscious which is like 70 percent of the time.

I wouldn’t want to go it alone, though. I’d want someone I could trust around to help me out with the big ol’ world. And someone’s gotta pay for the giant food (yes I’m using the same argument, that’s the sign of a good argument).

@borrowedtimeandspace – I have to agree, being tiny is the way to go! It’s the main reason I got so into The Borrowers in the first place, imagining myself that small, picturing how big things would look at that size. Yeah bugs would suck, but if I’ve got a tol to lean on, I’d like to think I’d be alright.

Plus, I’d be so nervous around a friend who’s been downsized. I’d do my best to keep them safe, but I’d be on edge 24/7.

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@nightmares06 – Oh man. They’re both so fun. I guess it depends on what I’d want out of the experience.

If I want to learn about how to be a smol, Sam’s the way to go. He adapted to the lifestyle the best out of the pair. No one can find a way into the walls as fast as he can, he’s got climbing down to a science, and he knows when to keep out of sight.

But then again, if I want to just have an experience, Dean knows all the ways to get into trouble. To just casually strolling over Jacob’s newspaper like he owns the place to having a giant Sam bring him pie, Dean will live it up, and spends his time training for a fight.

Personally, I’d pick Dean, but both would be so much fun.

@neonthewrite – The bros are good choices for hangout buddies for sure. If it were me, though, I think I’d be unable to resist hanging out with little Oscar. That poor guy is very isolated and lonely, but he’s an introvert like me. There’d be no pressure on either of us to be super social with the whole thing.

I kind of owe the little guy a hug anyway. At the very least, since I’ve put him through so much. He’d have to come out of his shell just a little so I could help him find a jackpot of food! Skinny borrower needs some weight on his bones.

@borrowedtimeandspace – As much as I’d love to spend a day with either bitty bro, I have to go for my OC Zepheera. She’s much more of a badass than I am, she’ll keep me safe from the mean things lurking in the big old world. She’d take me places some other borrowers would be hesitant to, and I’d probably badger her for stories from decades before I was born, to learn how far borrowers have come in her lifetime.

I’ve been interested in stories about fairies and borrowers and giants as long as I can remember. I didn’t know it was called g/t way back then. As a kid I’d make up stories about being a borrower in the house or having a borrower come visit me, and I wish I would have written them down back then. I was coming up with stories as far back as I can remember, and they’d play in my mind just like a movie on the TV. I’ve always found g/t to be comforting, though I’ve started to consider the more alarming factors in recent years.

Just to let everyone know, we’ve certainly never forgotten about the young canon Winchester bros + kiddo Oscar! From time to time we throw story ideas around and this is one of our favorite ones so far! Once we get enough ideas going, I’m sure it’ll become a full-fledged story like so many before it :3

Tiny Oscar and young Sam Winchester are too much cute to contain! Dean will have to keep a stern eye on this pair, if only to keep Sam from feeding Oscar candy constantly.

Oscar the OC © @neonthewrite

Wonderful artwork commissioned from GTPanda! Give them all the love for their amazing skills!