@nightmares06 – Oo, tough choices, but I’d go with Sam’s situation. I like the adventurous side of the size shenanigans. Exploring in a huge world, going in the walls (possibly shitting my pants if I see any bugs or spiders), and a sibling to count on.

Also, giant food. Win win.

@neonthewrite – This one’s hard. I rarely imagine myself as the subject of a gt story. In the end, though, I’d feel way more comfortable if I had to be tiny rather than big. It’s easier to hide when I’m self conscious which is like 70 percent of the time.

I wouldn’t want to go it alone, though. I’d want someone I could trust around to help me out with the big ol’ world. And someone’s gotta pay for the giant food (yes I’m using the same argument, that’s the sign of a good argument).

@borrowedtimeandspace – I have to agree, being tiny is the way to go! It’s the main reason I got so into The Borrowers in the first place, imagining myself that small, picturing how big things would look at that size. Yeah bugs would suck, but if I’ve got a tol to lean on, I’d like to think I’d be alright.

Plus, I’d be so nervous around a friend who’s been downsized. I’d do my best to keep them safe, but I’d be on edge 24/7.

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