Sneak Peek of First Hunt!

The last thing Jacob Andris ever expected was to find himself cursed by a witch to live out his life under half a foot tall. He never expected to find himself becoming part of a family that once would fit in his hand.

And he certainly never expected to find himself adopted by a hunter twenty times his size.

Jacob’s heart rate jumped up for a few seconds at the sound of an unfamiliar voice in the dim lighting. He had to squint a little to find the man’s face as he sluggishly pushed himself up to lean against the backboard of the bed. Jacob shivered; he didn’t remember it being so cold before. He rubbed his eyes before looking at the silvery cup offered to him.

He couldn’t resist taking it and drinking down its contents quickly to soothe his parched throat. With that done, he looked around some more, letting his eyes adjust (as much as they could) to the light. The only source that he could see was the ceiling, where long cracks between the thick beams let light in in dusty golden bars. A part of him wondered why they didn’t just put a lamp in this room.

“Where …” Jacob managed to rasp, before he noticed the pile of huge blankets in one corner. He glanced across at the desk and chair, and the curtain blocking the rest of wherever the hell this was from view. There was a shoulder bag next to the chair and Jacob raised his eyebrows in surprise at the sight of a three-pronged hook sticking out of it. The barbs alone had to be the length of his fingers.

It inevitably drew him back to the man in the room with him. He wore jeans and a plain grey t-shirt, covered by a jacket with numerous pockets. There was something off about him, but Jacob couldn’t quite place it in the lack of light. After a moment, he found his voice, a list of questions all crowding into his mind at once.

“Who are you? Is this a basement? Where’s my mom?”

First Hunt coming 10/25/16

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