August 17th excerpt:

Dean scowled. “Why does everyone think I’ll hurt him?” he growled, yanking his arm out of the grip. “He’s in the room!”

“Where the hell do you think you’re go–“


May 13th excerpt:

The chest pocket on his jacket provided the answer. Dean flipped open the flap of the pocket and judged the size of the fabric enclosure compared to the person in his hand. If anything, Jacob was small enough to fit with room to spare. Perfect.

Dean gave a sigh as he lowered a struggling Jacob into the pocket. “It’ll be safer in here. That way no one else will see you.” His fingers released the kid, dropping him the last inch down. Just to be safe, Dean buttoned the pocket up. He didn’t want to risk the kid trying to jump down from so high up. If he didn’t notice a foolhardy stunt like that in time, he could get seriously injured or hurt.

August 1st excerpt:

“Feel like talking, yet, bug?” he spat, in a low voice that he knew was threatening. Indeed, he smirked when Bowman shivered involuntarily.

“Human, you ran out of things for us to talk about before you even got here,” Bowman shot back. He should have known to brace himself, but when one of those boots lashed out and kicked the cage several feet, he reasoned that it wouldn’t have mattered.

Had a story in my head after watching the latest episode, so if anyone’s interested, check it out:

A Ghost from the Past (11×17)

A familiar face comes to visit Sam when he’s lying on Death’s door, only he’s looking a little… shorter than normal.

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–A bonus of this story is it is the first official appearance of Brothers Lost Dean as he makes a surprise guest appearance, so if you want to see what he’s like, check it out! Spoilers for episode 11×17! –


Do not mess with the tiny Dean! Do not!

Artwork commissioned from @homeiswheretheheartsare

Sam’s Soda

BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: After The Golden Touch

Sam groaned, doubling over. His bottlecap shifted far enough on the pillow to tip, spilling the Coke all over the plush white surface. It spread out a dark stain.

Dean poked his head out of the bathroom, concern on his face at the quiet moaning. “Sam, is everything…”

He spotted the doubled-over form on the pillow. “Sam!” Dean was over at the bed in an instant.

Sam felt himself fall onto his back, thrown off balance from the sight of Dean growing so large, so fast. He blinked up at his older brother looming overhead for a few seconds before curling up again in pain.

It was so all-encompassing he didn’t even pay any mind to the two hands that cupped carefully around him, slowly edging under his body. Sam was lifted up into the air, finding himself level with concerned green eyes.

A finger brushed against his arms, trying to coax him out of his crumpled position. “Sam, did you drink the soda?”

“Uhhh… maybe. W…why?”

Dean’s eyes crinkled at the corners, and he moved his hand so Sam could lay flat. “I think maybe next time we should wait for it to go flat.”

Sam buried his face in the thick, soft skin underneath. He felt a burp come up, lessening the pressure in his middle.

“I think maybe you’re right.”

So far, Dean has only been knocked out and tied up with Sam around. This will come up in the future, though. Good ways for Sam to help out big bro would be carefully talking Dean through an injury if it’s too big for Sam to handle, keeping Dean from slipping into sleep when he might have a concussion, even taking a bullet out of a wound. His hands are the perfect size to slip in and grab it.

Sam hasn’t hurt Dean yet, either physically or emotionally. The closest is Dean having to see Sam afraid of him after the events of Taken. Even Sam’s hurt by those automatic reactions, he just can’t stop them.

Vulnerability – Helloootricksterr – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]



A drunk Dean can sometimes get too upset at his life. Luckily, little brother rushes to help!


Based off an ask for the Brothers apart blog, this just came to me. its not too shiny but it works.

For everyone that reads BA, check out this lovely little story that y’all inspired with the drunk!Dean ask earlier on.

Story by helloootricksterr

Original Ask

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Vulnerability – Helloootricksterr – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]