Character Profile: Kara Bolt


Name: Kara Bolt

Age: 8

Height: 3′2″ || 2″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Light brown

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: Quick and quiet, it’s hard to keep Kara in one place. She’s a great climber and may give Sam a run for his money once she grows a little. Since she’s barely half his height, she’ll have to work twice as hard to cover the same ground.

Background: Kara grew up in an underpopulated motel out in Hibbing, Minnesota. When her dad was taken away by humans, she did a very unexpected thing and went to find help– from a hunter staying at that same motel. Lucky for her, it was Dean.

Someone as big as you shouldn’t be afraid of anything!

Artwork by @mogadeer

Winning name choices

The results are in, and Kara, Christian and Mikael now have last names!

Presenting Christian and Kara Bolt

Bolt edged out Rafters by one vote!

And presenting Mikael Foyer

While Kara and Christian’s last name won by one vote, Foyer destroyed the rest in votes, getting almost double the votes the others had.