WELP. I’d say this hasn’t been on my mind but that would be a lie since I wrote an entire story for it…

The phone started to ring.

Everyone hushed, staring at the speaker with trepidation as Walt backed off to join Sean. The only person focused elsewhere was Mikael, and that was only because someone needed to keep an eye on the door, and no one was eager to be the person who talked to Dean. Just the thought of his size made them nervous.

The rings cut out and everyone held their breath.

Hello? ”

The gruff voice that rumbled out of the phone was enough to freeze them where they stood. Dean sounded tired and grumpy. The call must have woken him from a deep sleep.

Apprehensive, Walt glanced out the expansive window across the room, staring at the rising sun. He cursed to himself. It was bad enough they had to call the hunter in the first place. Now they were making it worse with bad timing. Humans had such different schedules from Walt’s people, it was easy to forget Dean might not be up when they called him in their desperation.

Dean, of course, was oblivious to the subtleties on the other end of the call. He continued on. “Who is this? How did you get this number? ”

Character Profile: Mikael Foyer


Name: Mikael Foyer

Age: 62

Height: 5′11″ || 3.75″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Gold

Hair Color: Grey

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Keeps a steady head in trying times and very good at both calming Christian down and keeping Kara in check. He’s become a consistent part of their family in recent years to the point where Kara considers him “Uncle Mikael!.”

Very adept with first aid, helped Sam with his broken arm.

Background: After losing his wife to a rat, he took to staying with Christian and Kara to help care for things. Both he and Christian lost their wives, Christian years ago and Mikael very recently. Things begin to go smoother for them when he starts living with them, at least until he’s taken by the humans first.


So, you’re brave, but pretty stupid.

Artwork by @lamthetwickster

Winning name choices

The results are in, and Kara, Christian and Mikael now have last names!

Presenting Christian and Kara Bolt

Bolt edged out Rafters by one vote!

And presenting Mikael Foyer

While Kara and Christian’s last name won by one vote, Foyer destroyed the rest in votes, getting almost double the votes the others had.

100 (GT) Themes Challenge


For writers (or artists) in the g/t fandom, the Fab 5 ( @bittykimmy, @neonthewrite, @nightmares06, @creatorofuniverses, and @borrowedtimeandspace) have put together a list of one word prompts – all of them chosen by GT people for GT people.

The objective? Send in an ask to any of those blogs (or to whosoever reblogged this post and thus took the challenge) with a number and a character. 

What they do with the prompt is up to them. Have fun!

  1. Giant
  2. Rise
  3. Monster
  4. Peeking
  5. Hands
  6. Borrow
  7. Tinker
  8. Adapt
  9. Flight
  10. Possession
  11. Mouse
  12. Risk
  13. Shelter
  14. Darkness
  15. Argument
  16. Trust
  17. Protect
  18. Close
  19. Cooking
  20. Open
  21. Trepidation
  22. Startle
  23. Dash
  24. Warmth
  25. Flowerpot
  26. Invisible
  27. Escape
  28. Heartbeat
  29. Dew
  30. Freedom
  31. Wings
  32. Laughter
  33. Edge
  34. Slam
  35. Web
  36. Razor
  37. Threaten
  38. Snatch
  39. Solution
  40. Footsteps
  41. Secret
  42. Dollhouse
  43. Corner
  44. Vent
  45. Company
  46. Tremors
  47. Top
  48. Reveal
  49. Creaking
  50. Freefall
  51. Landing
  52. Vertigo
  53. Stuck
  54. Cling
  55. Separate
  56. Needle
  57. Fear
  58. Diversion
  59. Platform
  60. Sneak
  61. Cold
  62. Soft
  63. Exploration
  64. Ignorance
  65. Cage
  66. Curiosity
  67. Narrow
  68. Rescue
  69. Bottom
  70. Grow
  71. Stomp
  72. Cooperate
  73. Problem
  74. Raindrops
  75. Solitude
  76. Precarious
  77. Leap
  78. Stash
  79. Trap
  80. Flash
  81. Miscommunication
  82. Lantern
  83. Tiptoe
  84. Rumble
  85. Conspiracy
  86. Cat
  87. Attention
  88. Ceiling
  89. Experiment
  90. Touch
  91. Bookshelf
  92. Search
  93. Please
  94. Cradle
  95. Hide
  96. Hang
  97. Desperation
  98. Power
  99. Betrayal
  100. Tiny

Send in prompts! Character + word, feel free to send it to the BA askbox or any of our individual boxes!

(If you’re not sure who the character belongs to, send it here and we’ll sort it out)


13. Snow

A little story from Kara while her daddy was missing!

Kara sniffled, brushing away a tear as she curled into a ball.

Her dad was gone. Christian was gone, and she had no idea how to get him back.

Her tiny form was hidden away in the walls, just like he’d always told her to do if she was in trouble. Stay out of sight, out of reach, beyond notice by any humans. She had to choke down her cries, forcing herself to stay quiet in the vents.

She’d run long and hard to get away from that terrible, horrid room where he’d been taken from. Why? Why him, why now, why did she have to lose the last person she had in her life?

Her mom was gone, nice old Mikael had vanished a week ago, and now daddy had followed, grabbed in huge hands.

She blinked her grey eyes open again, and uncurled enough to creep along the vent. The metal was cold to the touch, but it wasn’t on. If she heard the clanking motors activate deep in the bowels of the motel, she’d be forced to find a new place to hide.

Ahead, there was a slit. She came up to it, peering out to see where she was.

One of the motel rooms stretched out before her, and she very nearly ducked back down. But there were no humans up and about, just one guy sitting on the bed down there. The television was on nearby, and she stared at it. Her dad had told her about televisions before. How they could show humans things that happened very far away.

This one had a white forest on the screen, and her grey eyes reflected the sight of gentle snowflakes landing on the ground.

It was so peaceful and idyllic. A scene that Kara would never be able to see outside of the walls.

She took a deep breath, holding the image in her head. Peace. She needed to get her daddy back so they could find some peace of their own.

The human shifted, and her terrified eyes flashed back to him. He was huge. Why did humans have to be so massive?

Him moving caught her attention to something she’d missed. On his shoulder, there was another man.

The human’s voice was drowned out by her shocked reaction. She almost scrambled away from the vent, then inched forward once more to see if she’d been imagining things.

But no. It wasn’t her imagination. There was a man on the human’s shoulder, and he looked as relaxed as anyone she’d seen. No fear, no worry. Casual words exchanged between the two of them as they argued over what they should do next. The human stood and snapped off the television, dispelling the image of the snowy forest.

Kara blinked, then her resolved firmed. When the human wasn’t around, she needed to talk to this new guy. Sam.

Maybe he could help her find her daddy.


Appearing in Taken, Kara was a small girl standing two inches tall that lost her father, Christian, to a pair of abductors.

Even as Dean discovers Kara hiding in his room Sam finds her father when he wakes up in captivity. Christian is able to help set Sam’s broken arm to keep it from healing wrong.

They are two of the last three people their size that are living in their motel, with the last being wise old Mikael, who treats Kara as he would his own granddaughter. She’s so desperate to find her father again that she’s willing to be in the room of a giant, searching for clues after watching Sam get abducted. Her luck holds when she’s caught, with Dean treating her like a very small sister. They band together to find their missing family.

Read more in Taken

Image by the wonderful Heartstores

Taken – Chapter 1 – nightmares06 – Supernatural, The Borrowers – All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]


The brothers are working an easy case in Hibbing, Minnesota when they’re reminded just how delicate their situation is. The reminder? A cold bucket of water in the face for Dean, and a world of trouble for Sam.

A new story has begun!

Part 7 of Brothers Apart – and now complete!

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Taken – Chapter 1 – nightmares06 – Supernatural, The Borrowers – All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]