In response to Jessica’s gif of Stan… mY BEAUTIFUL GAY BABY OMFG nightmare, moga you better keep this one safe or I swear. He’s almost as innocent as Jacob (tho none can compare in innocence to the adorable Oscar) and those are to remain protected™ (tho all of them are cheeky little bastards when they aren’t kids bUT THATS NOT THE POINT HERE) ;-; look what you’ve done to me

@borrowedtimeandspace – Hiya! Stan is actually mine, but I can see how it’d be easy to get that mixed up given how often we poke artists like @mogadeer for visual representations of the boy. Her version is cute, and it’s hard to dispute how adorable the gif with the mousie is x3


@nightmares06– I have no idea what you’re talking about, keeping characters “safe.”

@neonthewrite – Not gonna lie, the gif of Stan with the mousie makes me think of Oscar a little bit too because he is an honorary mousie himself (part of where his innocent factor comes from, really). I agree, protect all these cuties 2kever (I say, while I plan the next Sad Oscar installment).

From what I know of Stan, there are so so many more reasons to love him besides the fact that he’s gay, and I think it’s important to remember that it doesn’t define him! Just like Jacob being asexual isn’t the reason he has fans too. 

Aww! XD Stan and Dean are at the very least, the brotp of the AU.

While in BC canon, Stan is certainly head over heels for Nathan, there’s no denying Dean’s natural charm. He would respect their size differences, and of course Dean’s own preference for women (In BAverse canon, he remains straight). 

If Dean found himself at the same height as Stan, and Stan was unattached, Dean might have a fiery redhead crushing on him for a bit XD Stan falling a bit for that natural charm before they manage to untangle it.

We did make a few ship names for them XD You’re not the only one that loves those two dorks. (St)an and D(ean) for Stean, and (Win)chester and Ba(ker) for Winker. Which do you guys like? Any other ideas?


Art by @mogadeer!